BurnAware Premium 10.4

BurnAware is a full-fledged, easy-to-use burning software which allows users to write all types of files such as digital photos, pictures, archives, documents, music and videos to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. With BurnAware, you also be able to create bootable or multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, make and burn ISO images, copy and backup discs, extract audio tracks, erase and verify data, recover data from multisession or unreadable discs.
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adding another burning function

The ability of the program to burn video cd and super video cd. Its a function that look for in this type of program
Henry Harris, 04.09.2017, 14:16
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How does this compare to Burnaware Professional 10?

How does this compare to Burnaware Professional 10.1? (Not sure where I got this freebie from but also have Burnaware Premium 10.1 installed and thanks to Comments realize I can install Today's Freebie over top of it no problem ...;-)...
Robert Frost, 04.09.2017, 16:25
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change burn speed: slower = more reliable

Maybe this is available when I actually try to burn a disc, but I don't see it in settings. Unless I'm in a serious hurry, I use 4X speed for CDs, I've read several places that they last much longer that way. Slower for DVDs also, please!...
Mr.Dave, 05.09.2017, 02:01
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Stop overwriting existing w/installation

Please give the user the chance to specify the program location during the install, instead of overwriting whatever may already be installed. Maybe I *want* more than one version installed. Thanks.
AFBell, 05.09.2017, 08:47
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Would like to drag and drop folders into MP3 recording. Currently can only drag tracks, and then similar numbered tracks line up by number rather than album.
David Ruggeri, 05.09.2017, 14:23